Solving complex problems by developing solution-based mobile robotics platforms and Tekk's Collaborative Robot accessories product line.

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Integrating tailored Collaborative Automation packages
with Universal Robots arms and Tekk Components that lead to increases in profit.

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With expertise in a variety of fields, the team at Tekk provides professional consulting services to help you excel with a product/project. From simple CAD consulting to full-scale projects, Tekk is there from start to finish.

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Products for Robotics

Solution-specific mobile robotic platforms and Collaborative Robot accessory products.

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Engineering Consulting

Specializing in mobile robotics and collaborative automation Tekk has the capability to design, prototype, and integrate.

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Operation System

Focused on changing the commercial airline industry, Tekk Ground Operation System, TGOS, is the standard of the future - increasing safety, reducing emissions, and decreasing overhead costs utilizing autonomous robotics.

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