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Our Approach

The core to our success and the success we deliver for our clients revolves around our team. Each uniquely qualified in our craft together we produce results that exceed our client's expectations. There are countless talented individuals who can design, prototype, and manufacture but there are only a select few teams who can do so with such success. The same team that brought home a world championship title can do the same for you.

2017 World Champions

Tekk Co-Founder Adam Heard is the Lead Mentor of the 2017 FIRST Robotics World Champions, Team 973 Grey Bots. Along with Adam, fellow Tekk Engineers Jack Fisher and Sean Murphy are mentors for team 973 who provided a crucial role in leading the team to victory at the world championships in Houston.

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Meet the Team

Founded by brothers from two different facets of the engineering world, robotics and auto racing. With a few decades and one world championship, our team is highly skilled with efficient quality.


Jason Heard


Starting his career at the age of 17 with metal working and custom automotive components Jason has spent the last 16 years honing his engineering skills. A noted expert in metal craft and welding he is one of the most popular welding authors on Amazon. He is the sheet-metal and welding expert at Tekk Consulting with a background in race chassis design/fabrication. Jason is the concept originator for the Tekk Ground Operation System, also know as TGOS.


Adam Heard

Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Adam is the Lead Engineer here at Tekk with an extensive background in Mobile Robotics along with the title of Lead Mentor of the World Championship robotics team FRC 973. Specializing in systems related to mobile robotic automation he oversees the design and prototype processes here at Tekk. His attention to detail is the backbone of the success of Tekk consulting.


Sean Murphy

Co-Founder & Engineer

The in-house machining expert here at Tekk Robotics Sean is responsible for all the prototype machining. His background with robotics is the same as Adam, being a member of the Championship team has given Sean a serious attention to detail. His notorious attention to detail has lead Sean to the position of our final design specialists, making sure everything works exactly how it should.


Jack Fisher

Co-Founder & Engineer

Sharing the same experience as Adam and Sean, Jack has years of autonomous mobile robotics experience. He is one of the CAD engineers here at Tekk. Jack is responsible for most of the heavy lifting with the design. He is also responsible for final assembly of all client prototype/products.

Our Story

It's hard to tell just when exactly when TeKK was initially founded given that this vision of a company has been the brainchild of Adam Heard for many years, dating back to his early high-school days with the Hermosa Beach Robotics Team. Although he was unaware what he would be building he did know one thing, he was going to be building something that involved robotics. As he progressed with his fascination of robotics and school career Adam went on to engineering school in San Louis Obispo while mentoring the local Atascadero High-school team 973. During this time Adam not only completed his engineering degree but he also became the lead Mentor of the 973 Robotics team while shaping them into champions. He knowledge, determination, and team building skills were instrumental in the building of the 973 robotics team, awarding the students a Championship in 2011.

It was also during this time that the original “Zip Line Robot” was designed and brought to life. This robot is still in service to this day, providing swift recoveries of stranded Zip Line Riders. This is when TeKK robotics really started to take shape in the shadow of the championship robotics team. This became the fundamental grounds for recruitment of engineers into TeKK Robotics with the introduction of Sean Murphy, now an engineer and CNC machinist of TeKK. Sean was mentored under Adam during his high-school career then while in college he worked alongside Adam mentoring the 973 robotics team.

As the business started to grow TeKK also needed to grow and in 2015 TeKK established itself as a California LLC while solidifying the founding members. In addition to Adam, Jason, and Sean TeKK also acquired another valuable member of the team, Jack Fisher