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Tekk's Team Approach

Tekk's key to success starts with the Tekk Team. Each member of the Tekk Team possesses a unique engineering specialization resulting in a team qualified to take on any project, producing results that meet and exceed expectations. There are countless talented individuals who can design, prototype, and manufacture but there are only a select few teams who can do so with such success. The same team that brought home a Robotics World Championship title is ready to assist your company providing exceptional quality and realizing great success!

2017 World Champions

Tekk co-founder Adam Heard is the lead mentor of the 2017 FIRST Robotics World Champions, Team 973 Greybots. Alongside Adam, fellow Tekk Engineers Jack Fisher, and Sean Murphy mentored Team 973 leading the team to victory at the world championship in Houston.

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Meet the Team

Founded by brothers with backgrounds in different facets of the engineering world, Jason and Adam Heard bring a few decades of experience, and one Robotics World Championship together resulting in the highly skilled Tekk Team.


Jason Heard


Starting his career at the age of 17 with metal working and custom automotive components, and race chassis design and fabrication, Jason has spent the last 16 years honing his engineering skills. A noted expert in metal craft and welding, Jason is a best-selling author He is the sheet metal and welding expert at Tekk Consulting. Jason pioneered the concept of the Tekk Ground Operation System, also know as TGOS.


Adam Heard

Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Adam is the lead engineer at Tekk Consulting with an extensive background in mobile robotics along with the title of Lead Mentor of the World Championship robotics team FRC 973. Specializing in systems related to mobile robotic automation, Adam oversees design and prototype processes at Tekk. Adam's meticulous attention to detail sets an unequivocal standard only found at Tekk.


Sean Murphy

Co-Founder & Engineer

Sean is the in-house machining expert at Tekk Robotics and is responsible for all prototype machining. Sean shares the same robotics background as Adam, being a member of the Robotics World Championship winning team. This experience has given Sean a keen eye for detail. Sean's painstaking attention to detail has lead Sean to the position of Final Design Specialist, ensuring everything works exactly as expected.


Jack Fisher

Co-Founder & Engineer

The newest addition to the Tekk Team, Jack comes from a background in autonomous mobile robotics.  Jack is highly skilled in computer aided drafting, and leads Tekk's collaborative automation integrations.

Our Story

Tekk began as the brainchild of Adam Heard. Adam had the vision of creating a robotics company for many years, dating back to his early high-school days with the Hermosa Beach Robotics Team. In 2012 Adam's vision became a reality and Tekk Consulting was founded in partnership with his brother, Jason Heard.

Leading up to the founding of Tekk, Adam was unaware what he would be building he did know one thing, he was going to be building something that involved robotics. As Adam progressed with his fascination of robotics and school career he went on to engineering school in San Louis Obispo, while mentoring at local Atascadero High School building up their competitive robotics team. During this time Adam not only completed his engineering degree but he also became the lead mentor of the 973 Robotics team, shaping the ambitious high school students into Robotics World Champions. Adams knowledge, determination, and team building skills were instrumental in the building of the 973 robotics team, bringing the students a Robotics World Championship in 2011.

It was also during this time that the original “Zip Line Robot” was designed and brought to life. This robot is still in service to this day, providing swift recoveries of stranded zip line riders.

The demand for custom robotics was growing and in order to fill the need, brothers Jason and Adam decided it was time to expand Tekk with the introduction of Sean Murphy and Jack Fisher.