Electric Hypercar Chassis

Tekk Consulting designed the all-wheel-drive 100% electric chassis for this hypercar prototype with Customs Factory for Raesr Automotive. www.raesr.com
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T4 Render 106

T4 Race Chassis Platform

The latest chassis design from Tekk Consulting the T4 is light and strong with multiple features incorporated from over a decade of experience in designing and building these machines. The chassis is SCORE/BITD race legal and is designed to be ergonomic for those longer races down in Baja. Constructed from all 4130 and TIG welded the chassis tubes with matching miter plates only weigh 633 lbs. while being designed for safety. The T4 is designed with properly engineered miter plates in EVERY junction of the chassis. More info on the T4

Sand Truck Chassis Platform ST1

The industry’s first plasma table/notcher friendly sand truck tube chassis. This entire sand truck can be cut and built from plasma tables and notchers that are currently on the market making this the easiest to fabricate tube chassis play truck/sand buggy. The entire chassis consists of mitered tubes, no bends in this chassis to make it very easy for the home fabricator to build in his garage off the floor. More info on the ST1 Here.

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48" Press Brake

Designed by fabricators for fabricators this 48" capacity press brake is the perfect complement to any fabricators tooling lineup.  www.grishamworks.com

Trophy Truck

Trophy Truck Chassis designed for racing in Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. Designed to client specifications and requirements with the utilization of Tekk Components.

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Tekk Platform TT Chassis

Trophy Truck designed with a Tekk Platform as the base for a race team out of Hawaii and being fabricated in-house by the race team.

Automotive Components

Tekk Designs and develops various components for companies throughout the automotive aftermarket industry. From simple machined components to complex assemblies Tekk consultants have tackled it all.

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Worlds Largest BBQ Pit Trailer

Tekk Consulting designed and fabricated this 37' trailer for Scotty's BBQ Catering division. Tekk was given a list of parameters along with the goals that Scotty's wanted to accomplish. This trailer was 100% CAD designed from the ground up for maximum utilization of capacity while still being able to tow the trailer with a standard 3/4 ton diesel. Tekk was able to squeeze 120 square feet of grill space, a capacity that no other BBQ establishment has on the west coast. The trailer was then fabricated in-house at Tekk using CNC tube notching and laser cutting/ bending.

Tekk Platforms

Tube Chassis Platforms designed to be fabrication friendly while proving high-performance characteristics.. These platforms are available for multiple chassis packages and setups from Trophy Truck to Luxury Prerunner.

Tekk Platform 4
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Metric Trophy Truck

100% Metric Trophy Truck Designed by Tekk and Fabricated in Isreal, everything including the race Hubs is Metric and Designed for FIA specifications to race all over the world.

“I was really impressed from the knowledge Jason has on Trophy Trucks. All the process was very professional – manufacture files – assembly planes – welding process. Everything went easy and “drop” into his place I recommended my guys here in ISRAEL” Dan Gur Furman (FIA Trophy Truck, Israel)

Cobot Products

Products developed by Integrators for Integrators. Full line of Carts, Pedestals, and Mounts that complement the repeat-ability of the UR product line, increasing ROI and client retention.

Zipline Robot

This unique robot was developed specifically for recovering zipline riders that get stuck on the zipline, quickly and safely bringing the stuck riders back to the platform. Currently, there are 8 of these robots being used daily at Margarita Adventures in California.

“Using the manual rope system was physically taxing for the guides and it detracted from the experience for our guests. The robot is amazing, and it’s saving us a lot of time and energy. It’s a real conversation piece with our guests, too”  Karl Wittstrom (Proprietor, Margarita Adventures)

Low Profile Surveillance Robot

When the need arises to quickly and efficiently search the undercarriage of a vehicle that is low to the ground the LPSV (Low Profile Surveillance Robot) is the solution. The only Surveillance Robot on the market able to video the undercarriage of vehicles as low as 2.5" (63mm) off the ground in real time. This robot allows officers/personnel the ability to search vehicles like never before!

“From start to finish Tekk over delivered, we had a very specific set of parameters that had to be followed. Every specification was over achieved, in a timely manner I might add. We will be sending Tekk more of our complex problems we need solving.”  Confidential Security Expert)

SuperRouter_1 (1)

Custom CNC Router

Custom Designed and built CNC Router table for the local high school robotics team. Tekk Consulting designed the table along with fabricating the assembly from scratch.

“Impressed... Tekk completely knocked this project out of the park. From the quality design to the complete overall rigidity of the assembly, the perfect complement to a championship winning team shop.”  Team Mentor (FRC 973 Greybots)


Automated engines off taxiing system for commercial airport ground operations. Tekk is currently in development of a system that solves many of the complex problems related to engines-off taxiing with automation. Utilizing the same technology and development Tekk is also working on automated tractors for shipping terminals. Tekk-GOS.com
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UTV Suspension Products

Over the years the increase in popularity of the UTV market has brought quite a few new products to the market, Tekk has assisted clients with everyhting from suspension kit design to complete race chassis assemblies.

 Engineering Consulting

Tekk has an extensive background in design/development/production of components from metal, plastics, and composites. From simple designs to complete welded components, Tekk will deliver results that exceed expectations.