Tekk Autonomous Aircraft Tugs

TGOS solves the problems seen with engines-on taxiing by utilizing autonomous aircraft tugs to reduce pollution, cost, and inefficiencies. We do this by implementing a multi-stage integration that ramps the 100% electric tugs into fully autonomous operation by stage 3 of the integration. Starting with robotically controlled tugs the TGOS multi-stage integration is designed to produce savings, emissions reductions, and positive cash flow.

Tekk Collaborative Automation Welding Setups

Utilizing the latest in automation Tekk builds 100% Collaborative 7+ DOF automated welding workstations from simple tabletop weldments to large-scale chassis configurations.

Collaborative Robot Hardware

Developed by integrators, for integrators, the Tekk line of products is designed to prevent challenges seen with UR arm integrations. Tekk’s focus is on consistent repeatability and redeployment.

Tekk Off-Road

From simple components to complete chassis, Tekk provides clients with either ground up proprietary designs or non-proprietary Tekk Platforms for high-performance off-road configurations.

Mobile Robotics

Founded on the philosophy of creating solutions to complex problems through the use of Robots. This has led Tekk Down the path of creation, building something that has never been built before. Making Tekk a true “innovator” in the robotics industry.