Tekk Cobot Cart, Stand, and Pedestals

Tekk Now offers a modular system for completing the setup that complements your integration.

Common Height—Fully configured Tekk Cobot Carts / Pedestals are all 880 mm (34.5 in) tall.

1. Pick Your Cobot Arm Top

The first step in configuring your Cobot cart/pedestal setup is to pick the corresponding top mount for your arm. Using the precision-machined alignment pin locations in the bottom of each Cobot arm, the arm is locked and located on the mount.



2. Add the Tekk Cobot Cart Tower

All Tekk carts and pedestals use the same tower with integrated arm power and control system mounting.




3. Pick Your Tekk Cobot Base

Select the style of interchangeable bases to meet your specific application from the next page.


base mix one

Tekk Cobot Interchangeable Bases

Tekk Cobot Interlocking Floor Base Cart System (IFBCS)

Tekk utilizes an Interlocking Floor Base/Cart System (IFBCS), that precisely positions the Cart using two precision machined alignment pins between the Floor Base and Cart. The Tekk Floor Base is secured to the facility floor, able to support large, collaborative arms at full extension and payload. Once the Cart is aligned with the Floor Base, simply hand tighten the T-bolts and the Tekk UR Cart is locked in place ready to run the selected program. The Tekk IFBCS standard width of 31” allows for easy maneuverability through commonly-sized doors.

Tekk IFBCS Floor Base

For applications with multiple Cobot task locations and one Cobot arm, the Tekk Floor Base is available separately. Placing several floor Bases throughout your facility reduces redeployment time.




Tekk Cobot Stand Base

For integrations or display applications that do not require a mobile cart, the Tekk Cobot Stand sits on three industrial-grade adjustable swivel feet and utilizes alignment pins or bolts to precisely locate the stand. 



Tekk Cobot Pedestal Base

For dedicated Cobot task locations, the Tekk Pedestal Base rigidly mounts to your facility floor.


Tekk Roller Cart Base

For applications that do not require the Cart to be hard mounted to the floor, Tekk offers Roller Carts with integrated feet. The Tekk Roller Cart Base utilizes locking feet that level and secures the Cart. These stabilization feet lock in place by pressing down on the locking pedal and take the weight off the casters for stable operation. For easy maneuverability around the facility, the pedals flip up by pressing the release tabs. 

Tekk Cobot Standard Base

This Standard Base is perfect for common integrations that do not require the precision/maneuverability of the IFBCS.


Tekk Cobot Rapid Deployment Case

Deploy a Cobot arm in minutes, anytime, anywhere. These Cobot Rapid Deployment Cases are designed to minimize the space taken up by the are, computer, and teach pendant while providing a platform for deploying the arm in any environment.



Deploy in Minutes

With just a few quick release pics the Rapid Deployment Case is ready to complete a task with your Cobot Arm.

Custom Carts, Pedestals, and Mounts

For unique applications, Tekk customizes carts, pedestals, and mounts with quick turnaround. If you have a special application or idea the engineers at Tekk will bring it to life.


Tekk 3D Printed Cobot Mounts

Tekk Cobot mounts are available in different sizes and
degrees to suit any configuration, complementing the versatility of Cobot integrations.

Need more Height?

Standoff Mounts are available in multiple sizes and styles to complement your integration task.


Multiple Angles Available

From unique degree, specific angle mounts to standard 45-degree mount Tekk has you covered! 

Tekk 3D Printed UR Arm Cable Clips

Clip-on cable mounts that can be customized to your application depending on the cable/end effector setup for your Cobot Arm. These clips snap onto the body of the arm and hold your cables safely out of harm's way during operation. 



Tekk 3D Printed Cobot Arm Spacers

For applications requiring configurable height, the Tekk Spacer system employs precision pins and aluminum inserts to seamlessly integrate with all Tekk Cobot products.  Sold as Each.


Tekk Welded Steel Cobot Mounts

For large Cobot arms, we offer welded steel standoff mounts in 1/2” increments starting at 3”. These mounts feature 3/8” thick end plates with tapped or through holes and 1/4” wall thickness round tubing for the support. After powder coating, the mount surfaces are machined to flat. These mounts feature precision alignment pins that interface with the arms to reduce the probability of arm shifting position during operation.



3D Printed End Effector Fingers

For custom integration applications, Tekk designs and 3D prints custom End Effector Fingers (EAOT, End of Arm Tooling, fingers) in-house from ONYX (Carbon Fiber Filament). Tekk mates your workpiece with CAD files direct from the end Effector's manufacturer to seamlessly design fingers. Once the design is complete Tekk 3D prints your end effectors in-house, with rapid turnaround, providing clients with custom End Effector fingers robust enough for demanding environments.