Cobot one

Automation Integrations

Tekk Consulting offers complete integration services for Collaborative Robots, the next generation in automation for industrial manufacturing. From single Cobot integrations to complete factory floor optimization, TEKK has the skills and products available to make any integration an ROI success.

Engineering Consulting

The Tekk Team is uniquely qualified in several different fields of engineering, giving Tekk the ability to produce efficient quality for our clients. If your firm has a problem that requires a professional solution Tekk Consulting is here to help.

TB-TT render 7

3D Printing

Tekk offers design and printing services in house utilizing a variety of fillaments depending on the component.

3D Scanning

Tekk offers 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering to turn complex or OEM parts into accurate, usable CAD models.

arm scan one for RDC