Problem Solvers

We are professional problem solvers with expertise in several different fields, giving Tekk a unique advantage for our clients. From specialty robotic platforms to the worlds largest BBQ Pit trailer Tekk Consulting tackles the challenging problems so you can focus on your business and not engineering problems.

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For more pictures of Auto/Race industry design consulting please follow the link here > Auto/Race Design Portfolio

More than just simple CAD design, Tekk Consultants created a system for producing a multi-million dollar revenue stream utilizing custom designed BBQ trailers for their client, Scotty's BBQ and Catering.

The Tekk Engineering Consulting Process

Step 1.

Initial Meeting with Client to discuss concept and project goals. Complete and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement if necessary and compile the Statement of Work.

Step 2.

 Start the preliminary design from brainstormed ideas and present Client with CAD renderings for initial feedback meeting. Document client input/feedback and make necessary changes.

Step 3.

 Detailed Design Kickoff!

This is where the TEkk Team buckles down and details out every aspect of the design. Depending on the scope of this project we may conduct progress updated/meeting with clients to get feedback and make sure everything is on track. This is the largest step of the process with most of the time dedicated to the detailed design.

Step 4.

 Meet with client and review the final design along with documenting any changes/input/feedback for the final design. Make all necessary changes and fine tune everything in the design.

Step 5.

 Sign off on the final design and prepare all files for manufacture. Compile all the necessary documentation to accompany the project and deliver everything to client.