TCI specializes in non-disclosure proprietary work for clients. The projects below are a sampling of our work, as confidentiality is a high priority, therefore we are unable to disclose the majority of what we work on, and for who.

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Nissan / Valvoline Tube Chassis Drift Machine for Chris Forsberg Racing

TCI was contracted by Forsberg Racing to design and develop a tube chassis drift machine featuring four seats and a twin turbo GT-R powerplant. The project started out with 3D scanning the 2020 Altima body then designing the chassis to fit that body, while properly/safely protecting the occupants, in the event that things get complicated at over 100 mph during drift events.

AWD Class 1/TT Platform for TMS

All-Wheel Drive Class 1/TT developed for Towers Motorsports to compete in both the US and Australian Off-Road Racing series. Designed with the industry’s state of the art components, this platform is geared toward top tier competitive drivers.

T4 Luxury Prerunner Trophy Truck

TCI designed and developed this T4 trophy truck platform that fits a classic Ford cab for both race and play. Featuring the same suspension setup as the TCI-T4 Platform this tube chassis properly fits the cab while providing safety for the occupants. Keeping with the current trend this platform also features 42” tires and 100+ gallon fuel cell. TCI can adapt the T4 Platform to any CAB, wheelbase, and configuration to client specifications.

X3 Tube Chassis Platform for KOH/Ultra 4 Racing

TCI designed and developed this tube chassis X3 platform for Alsup Racing Development in the Ultra4 / KOH series and geared toward the unique requirements that those forms of off-road racing require.

Deberti Tube Chassis Performance Truck

DeBerti Performance Tube Chassis Tacoma for Season 2 of Twin Turbos on Discovery Channel. TCI was contracted to design and develop a tube chassis Tacoma that was capable of various driving environments ranging from Drifting to Rally Cross. Starting with a stripped stock CAB the team at TCI scanned the cab then designed a proprietary tube chassis for the Deberti’s that met all the specifications required including 3 seats and a Toyota Nascar Drivetrain.

Pro Class Can-AM X3 Tube Chassis for ARD

Ground-up designed and developed X3 tube chassis platform for racing in both Mexico and US with a 100% chromoly chassis that is Pro-Turbo Legal, (first of its kind).

Classic Ford I-Beam Trophy Truck Platform

TCI designed this platform for a client who wanted a luxury prerunner race truck that features the classic style of Ford trucks. Keeping the I-Beam from suspension style TCI designed a tube chassis that optimizes the performance of this platform while providing a safe assembly in the event of a serious rollover at speeds of 140+ Mph. This tube chassis shares many advancements that accompany todays top tier trophy trucks while providing a unique and updated twist to the classis I-beam front suspension.

RWD Class 1 American/Australian Spec

State of the art rear multi-link suspension Class 1 car designs for racing in various series both in the US and Australia. These cars feature a unique and industry-first rear suspension for buggies of this style that provide optimal geometry with an impressive amount of control/tunability without adding excessing weight. Designed and developed for Towers Motorsports these cars are being built for the 2022 racing seasons in both the US and Australia.

Crew Cab Luxury Prerunner Platform

TCI designs and develops luxury prerunner platforms for various applications that include classis crew cab Fords like this one for a race team competing in 6100 class. This truck features quite a few TCI components including the entire swing set front suspension and rear 3 link backed by a rear clip from the T4 race platform that features vertical 42” spares and 100 gallons of fuel capacity.

Hidden compartment storage Products

Ground-up designed and developed X3 tube chassis platform for racing in both Mexico and US with a 100% chromoly chassis that is Pro-Turbo Legal, (first of its kind).

Tube Chassis X3 Race Platform for SF Raceworks

SF Raceworks suspension and race chassis design/development for racing in the Pro Turbo class of BITD/SCORE in the US.

Silverado (GMT800/900) Chassis Packages

TCI designed and developed a variety of suspension / chassis platforms for Izzy Fabrication ranging from a complete center mount chassis setup to various long travel front/rear suspension kits.

Original T1 Trophy Truck

SF Raceworks suspension and race chassis design/development for racing in the Pro Turbo class of BITD/SCORE in the US.

Pro Class UTV (TurboS) Platform for Master Fabrication

Polaris Turbo-S “Pan Car” Chassis design for Master Fabrication Racing in the Pro class of BITD and SCORE.

Electric Hypercar Chassis

TCI designed the All-Wheel-Drive 100% electric chassis for this Hypercar prototype with Customs Factory for RASER Automotive.

T4 Trophy Truck/6100/7200 Platform

The latest chassis design by TCI is the T4. Light and strong with multiple features incorporated from over a decade of experience in designing and building these machines. The chassis is SCORE/BITD race legal and is designed to be ergonomic for those longer races down in Baja. Designed for safety and constructed using all 4130 and TIG weld, the chassis tubes and matching miter plates weight less than 800 lbs. The T4 is designed with properly engineered miter plates in every junction of the chassis along with standard safety requirements for a very secure and safe platform for competitive racing.

ST1 Sand Truck Chassis Platform

The industry’s first plasma table/notcher friendly sand truck tube chassis. This entire sand truck can be cut and built from plasma tables and notchers that are currently on the market making this the easiest to fabricate tube chassis play truck/sand buggy. The entire chassis consists of mitered tubes, no bends in this chassis to make it very easy for the home fabricator to build in his garage off the floor.

Plasma-Table Friendly Trophy Truck / 6100 / 7200 Platform

Race platforms designed for the budget-minded racer building his own truck. Developed for ease in fabrication without compromise in performance or safety these trucks are set-up to be cut on plasma tables and plasma tube cutting machines. An industry first, these platforms make high levels of racing attainable for smaller/private builders for racing.

Press Brake Assembly

TCI designed this press brake, per client specifications, to be sold to fabricators and utilized in home/smaller shops able to bend various materials as seen in the automotive fabrication industry.

Trophy Truck for TMR

Trophy Truck designed with a TCI Platform as the base for a race team out of Hawaii and fabricated in-house by the race team.

TCI 6100 Designed to Client Specifications

Trophy Truck designed with a TCI Platform as the base for a race team out of Hawaii and fabricated in-house by the race team.

Worlds Largest BBQ Pit Trailer

TCI designed and fabricated this 37' trailer for Scotty's BBQ catering division. This trailer was 100% CAD designed from the ground up for maximum utilization of capacity, while still being able to tow the trailer with a standard 3/4 ton diesel. TCI was able to squeeze 120 square feet of grill space, a capacity that no other BBQ establishment has on the West Coast. The trailer was then fabricated in-house at TCI using CNC tube notching and laser cutting/ bending.

Metric Trophy Truck

100% Metric Trophy Truck Designed by TCI and Fabricated in Israel. Everything, including the race hubs, is Metric and designed for FIA specifications, to race all over the world.

“I was really impressed from the knowledge Jason has on Trophy Trucks. All the process was very professional – manufacture files – assembly planes – welding process. Everything went easy and “drop” into his place I recommended my guys here in ISRAEL”
- Dan Gur Furman
(FIA Trophy Truck, Israel)

Cobot Products

Products developed by Integrators for Integrators. Full line of Carts, Pedestals, and Mounts that complement the repeat-ability of the UR product line, increasing ROI and client retention.

Low Profile Surveillance Robot

When the need arises to quickly and efficiently search the undercarriage of a vehicle that is low to the ground the LPSV, (Low Profile Surveillance Robot), is the solution. The only Surveillance Robot on the market able to video the undercarriage of vehicles as low as 2.5" (63mm) off the ground in real time. This robot allows officers/personnel the ability to search vehicles like never before.

UTV Suspension Products

Over the years the increase in popularity of the UTV market has brought quite a few new products to the market, TCI has assisted clients with everything from suspension kit design to complete race chassis assemblies.

Tekk Ground Operation System (TGOS)

Automated engines-off taxiing system for commercial airport ground operations. TCI is currently in development of a system that solves many of the complex problems related to engines-off taxiing with automation. Utilizing the same technology and development, TCI is also working on automated tractors for shipping terminals.