Deploy a Cobot arm in minutes, anytime, anywhere. These Cobot Rapid Deployment Cases are designed to minimize the space taken up by the arm, computer, and teach pendant while providing a platform for deploying the arm in any environment.

TCI – 4130 Snout Blocks

When fabricating uprights for race/play vehicles it’s important to start with a proper foundation that will both be strong and easy to build from. The TCI Snout Blocks are machined from 1” thick 4130 and fit D44/12 bolt race hubs from Trophy Truck applications on down. They feature a 5”x5” exterior dimension and machined on the backside for bearing clearance for proper upright geometry. Sold in pairs, exclusively though

TCI – 4130 Billet Lower Link Mounts

When mounting rear link arms to the rear end housing you need to have a sound foundation. These link tabs are the perfect design and construction for any application from Trophy Trucks to midsize Prerunners. Designed for 1.25” rod ends with ¾” bolts on a 3-3.065” spread these Billet Lower Link Kits are offered in three different housing tube diameters, 3.25” / 3.5” / 4” for all common applications. Sold in pairs, exclusively though

TCI – 4130 Sway Bar Broached Ends

When fabricating a custom sway bar from platework you need to start with a properly broached end that will not only provide the base of your arm but also splined for your preferred bar application. These 4130 billet ends are precision machined/broached to perfectly fit SwayAway Sway Bars. From Trophy trucks to Muscle car applications the TCI Ends are the perfect complement for your fabricated sway bar arms. Sold in pairs, exclusively through